Discovering Christ

. . . at St. Agnes again!

Discovering CHRIST is a 7-week series of meetings where participants hear the good news of Jesus’ love and where they can develop a deeper meaning in their relationship with God. 

Did you attend Discovering CHRIST previously? Then please try to multiply! Don’t just repeat.
Use the evangelistic skill you gained last year and bring someone new this year! Send your potential attendee to this site
or give them a reminder or invitation from the resources page. Remember: All are welcome, not just Catholics!

Please register now to join us for our next session.  Each session includes a delicious meal, video teaching, and facilitated discussion in small groups. There are seven weekly sessions and a full day retreat. The goals of Discovering CHRIST according to its developers at ChristLife ministries are 1.) to help participants enter or renew a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to experience the love of the Father, and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to live as his children and serve as his disciples in the Catholic Church and 2.) to help the participants begin to receive the relational support necessary to live for Christ within the parish, campus ministry, etc. that offers the course.

Discovering CHRIST at Saint Agnes is not just for adults!
We will offer 
concurrent sessions for school-aged children
featuring the same topics as the adults.

Here on these pages you can…

  • Learn about Discovering CHRIST from its creators and those who have held and attended the program on the Resources page.
  • Find invitations, posters, and handouts you can use to invite friends or do your own advertising for us also on the Resources page.
  • Explore Saint Agnes’ program for Discovering CHRIST.
  • Register for Discovering CHRIST here at St. Agnes.
  • See the program in action right here at St. Agnes where We are Discovering CHRIST!
  • Contact Us. Your questions and/or offers to help with Discovering CHRIST are welcome!
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Discovering CHRIST was developed by ChristLife, a lay Catholic ministry established in 1995 in response to the Church’s call to a new evangelization.
ChristLife is an apostolate of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.