The parishes of St Agnes and St Edward in Herminie are proud to offer opportunities to come together for prayer and healing. Through gathering together for fellowship with people who understand and care, connections are formed that sustain us in our journey.

Have you lost a loved one recently?
Are you feeling Grief, Loss, Anger, Fear?

The dance of life finds its beginnings in grief… Here a completely new way of living is revealed. It is the way in which pain can be embraced, not out of desire to suffer, but in the knowledge that something new will be born in the pain.
– Henri Nouwen

Spring and Fall Support Groups — Spiritual Companioning

For more information, contact Sandy Monier (St. Agnes) at, 724-863-962 or Cheryl Hall (St Edward) at, 724-446-5197.

GriefSupport01Spring 2020 Support Group

Six consecutive Wednesdays, April 15, April 22, April 29, May 6, May 13 and May 20
St Agnes Church—Old Convent Bldg—Bertolina Room
11400 St Agnes Lane

Come join us for prayer, thought-provoking videos, reflection, and fellowship.
Free and Open to the public