We are seeking families to record the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet for broadcast on Catholic radio station WAOB 106.7 FM.  Your family unit can be as little as two people such as a couple or two sisters or a parent and child/children or as many people as you wish, young and old, parent or parents with children, grandparents, etc.  Each recording takes approximately 30-40 minutes and can be done at Saint Agnes in the church or in one of our meeting rooms or even in your own home.  We can help you learn to recite the prayers together as a family if you haven’t done it before.

After recording your Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet (these links will take you to “how-to pray” these prayers documents), we will upload it to radio station WAOB (We Are One Body), 106.7 FM in Latrobe, PA where it will be used in one of the radio station’s broadcast slots.

If you are interested in this prayerful, rewarding experience for your family, where you can tell all your friends, neighbors, and relatives to join you in prayer during the broadcast, please contact Debbie Klinvex via email dklinvex@gmail.com or phone 412-956-3105.    Note that the commitment of your time is extremely minimal while the rewards are immeasurable.

God bless you and your family for carefully and prayerfully considering this ministry!