Christus Resurrexit + Cristo e Risorto + Cristo ha Resucitado + Jīdū Fùhuóle + Nabuhay na si Kristo + Christ is Risen.

May you and your loved ones be filled with the joy of this Holy Season – a joy that does not depend on external circumstances, but on the unshakeable love of the Lord for you. May you experience the healing touch of the Risen Christ in your bodies, minds and hearts. May the grace of reconciliation mend any hurting relationships. May the words, “Christ is risen; Indeed, He is truly risen,” penetrate deeply into your hearts and renew you.

The Staff of St. Agnes and I extend to you and yours our prayers for a blessed and peace-filled Easter and its season.

Monsignor Paul
Rev. Msgr. V. Paul Fitzmaurice, Pastor