Purpose of this Ministry:  The purpose of H.E.A.R.T. (Holy Eucharist Adoration Revitalization Team) is twofold: HEART is dedicated to educating everyone on the wonderful benefits of the practice of Adoration and fulfilling the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ guidelines on Holy Communion and Adoration.

Approximate Membership: 129 people are currently signed up to receive our weekly HEART Flocknotes and are thus “members.”

Normal meeting schedule: We have no normal meetings, just Flocknote notices called “Thursday Thoughts” to keep everyone informed, prayerful, and inspired.  Thus, Adoration throughout the day on Thursdays becomes our “meeting” time when we prayerfully meet with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Most of our members find time to fit Adoration on Thursday into their schedules.

Member time commitment: The time commitment is up to the member, with attendance at Adoration being anything from a few minutes to about 1 hour, weekly, monthly, etc. Each hour from 8 am to 7 pm  is covered by a team of people called anchors.  In keeping with the USCCB guidelines mentioned above, the hourly team provides at least two people committed to be present to adore. HEART appreciates the other ministries in the parish that have put together hourly teams of anchors.

Special meetings and parish events: Actual meetings are rare but these are usually called for and attended by a small core group (currently 11 individuals) who help Msgr. Paul Fitzmaurice keep the anchor groups populated. The core group is also responsible for the educational programs held that have been a part of this revitalization process.

Current officers: Technically, there are no officers but Annamarie Liptak can answer any questions and posts the weekly “Thursday Thoughts” via Flocknote.

How to contact us: Annamarie Liptak can be contacted at 724-244-4795 or TPL330@comcast.net

How to join this Ministry:  Anyone can sign up for the Flocknote group HEART, but of course everyone is always welcome at Thursday Adoration regardless of their membership in HEART.

Our ministry’s web page:  Saint Agnes H.E.A.R.T