Many parishes in the Diocese of Greensburg started a new cleaning ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic.  At Saint Agnes, these volunteers clean the church quickly and efficiently after every Mass, Adoration Day, Rosary gathering, etc. This amounts to at least a dozen cleanings per week.  One parishioner got the idea that the pew cleaning would be easier with the popular floor cleaning product that rhymes with “lifter.”  She and another parishioner purchased and donated 4 of these and cleaning the pews is now less stressful on the back! “Necessity is the mother of invention,” she said, “Not to mention the Holy Spirit’s inspiration!” Visit  BeTheLight.

Holy Family Parish, Latrobe, saw an immediate need to create new ministries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many parishes in the Diocese of Greensburg, they started a cleaning ministry to make sure the church was safe and sacred for all who gathered and a weekly meal ministry last summer to help feed many who lost their jobs. Donate to the BE THE LIGHT campaign to support God’s work being done in the Diocese of Greensburg.