On Sunday, June 5th we honored and recognized our 2022 Graduating High School Seniors at the 9 a.m. Mass and afterward with a sit-down breakfast with their families.  During this joyous occasion the students received a bible as a gift from the parish and it was announced where each student would be attending school.  Saint Agnes is also committed to helping students and their parents continue their faith journey while they venture from home for the first time with information about the Newman Ministry, a Catholic organization with centers on nearly all campuses throughout the country.  For countless years, Newman Ministries have connected students with a Catholic community on campus so that their faith can thrive in college and beyond.


Scan the QR code below to join your campus’ Catholic community or go to signup.newmanministry.com


The Newman App allows students to belong to something greater where they can join groups, chat with their campus faith family one-on-one or in groups, attend parties, campus prayer events, and much more.  Click here for information on downloading the app.