Elijah Cup Prayers and Sample Devotional Aid

While you have the Elijah Cup in your home and gather your family in prayer ** (or any time you are praying for vocations), you may pray with your favorite prayers or use any of the resources here or elsewhere.  Below is the familiar Saint Agnes Prayer for Vocations that we pray during Mass.

O Jesus, we believe you are truly present in the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  We beg you to send your graces to inspire the young men and women of Saint Agnes so that God becomes so real to them that He lives within their hearts.    We especially ask that you call our men to the fulfilling life of the priesthood and permanent Diaconate so that our Church may live on.  O Mother Mary please present our prayers to your Son.  Amen.

The Saint Agnes Parish Vocation Prayer above is available on a sheet of 10 prayer cards that you may print and share.

We also have an Elijah Cup Devotional Sample to guide you through a small prayer service if you chose.

**For anyone who cannot be with your family physically, feel free to come together virtually to pray!  It needn’t be a Zoom meeting or Facetime, though it can be, but the same purpose will be served if you establish a phone conversation and then direct the absentee to this site (stagneschurch.info/elijah-cup) where they can follow along with the prayers or simply keep the image of the same Elijah cup as you as their focal point.  (If there is nothing else we learned from COVID-19, it’s how to be together virtually!)




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