Saint Agnes Emerald Club

The Emerald Club was established on October 8, 1976, to provide spiritual guidance, social life and to keep members informed of developments that affect the aging.

The Club is comprised of senior citizens 50 years of age and older who are members of St. Agnes and neighboring parish Churches. Dues are $10.00 per year. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month in Resurrection Hall starting at noon.  A rosary is recited prior to the meeting. On the first Wednesday of the month a collection for the St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Bank is taken.

After a short meeting, we enjoy socializing with donuts and coffee.  We then play cards, such as:  Pinochle, 500 Bid, Scat, Tripoli, etc. When members reach their 50th wedding anniversary or their 90th birthday, we honor them by having a special cake.  At reaching their 100th birthday, all fees and costs are free. We have four special parties during the year.

When a member passes on, a Mass is scheduled for him or her by the Emerald Club and a Rosary is recited at the funeral home.

The members of the Emerald Club are inviting you to join our congenial group.  This will give you a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends as well as renew old friendships. For more information and/or questions, please call Elena Marra, President at 724-201-7488.