We’re surely happy to have you as one of our flock and want you to be able to enjoy the benefits of our Flocknote communication groups but we know that sometimes technology can really try our patience almost as much as the devil! But Uno (the Flocknote sheep). the Happiness Engineers (the people at Flocknote). and of course our St. Agnes Flocknote experts are always happy to help.  Here are some tips and tricks if  you’re having problems with Flocknote emails not being delivered to your mailbox:

  1. Check your SPAM folder. Sometimes your mailer is just trying to help you stay safe and it sees Flocknote email as the group mail that it is and assumes it might not be desirable.  Just look for your lost sheep of an email whereever your mailer deposits “spam.”
  2. Add mail@flocknote.com to your list of contacts.  This often resolves the issue. It lets your provider know that Flocknote is a trusted sender and also puts those messages in your primary inbox (rather than sorted into hidden folders).
  3. If you’ve received and not opened too many messages in a row from Flocknote, they will assume that you don’t want their messages and place you on a “Do Not Email” list.  Don’t be angry with them.  They’re trying to be good citizens and not clog up your email system with unwanted email.  But how do you get off the “don’t send” list?  Go to flocknote.com and sign in.  Place yourself in a group or two and open the email that comes from that group.  If you decide you don’t want email from that list in the future, click the sheep at the bottom of the message unselect that group.
  4. Some parishioners with the @comcast.com email address have had some difficulty getting messages. Flocknote has informed us that it might be helpful to reach out to your provider and ask them to “white list” the Flocknote IP addresses.  We can provide you with those addresses.
  5. For a list of the Flocknote IP addresses or any assistance regarding Flocknote contact Kristen Brown at 724-863-2626 or kbrown@dioceseofgreensburg.org

One more tip from Uno:  Please don’t remove yourself from the EVERYONE group.  Doing so will take you out of ALL of your St. Agnes Flocknote groups!