What is Flocknote?

St. Agnes Parish uses Flocknote to communicate with our parishioners and various parish groups.  This online tool allows us to send emails and/or text messages to individuals and groups to notify them of important events, reminders, information, etc.  We also use Flocknote as an online teaching tool, a resource to promote prayer, and to get feedback from parishioners.

Why Should I Use Flocknote?

When you sign up for a St. Agnes Flocknote account, you will receive emails or text messages from the various groups to which you subscribe.  Parents of students in Family and Faith Formation will find Flocknote essential to stay informed of events and any updates or changes.  There are also Flocknote groups devoted to prayer like our Prayer Corner and Recently Deceased ministries which mimic the bulletin information in a convenient prayer reminder each week and Sunday’s Faith Notes which provides a one-sentence inspirational quote or wisdom for the coming week.  We even have a group announcing Holy Day reminders on the vigil of the Holy Day so you don’t forget.  And, there are groups for ministries, social groups, and mini-courses for learning.

Joining Flocknote is fast, easy, and of course it’s free – and the best way to stay informed about current St. Agnes Church news and events.

How Do I Sign Up?

The easiest way to sign up is to use your smart phone and text STAGNES to 84576  

You will receive a welcome message and link asking you to complete your account information.  You will then be able to view individual groups that you can join like the ones mentioned above.  Some groups will require the moderator to approve your request.

You can also sign up directly by visiting Flocknote.com and clicking the “Find Your Church” button to find St. Agnes via name or zip code.

Is this Flocknote Group for You?

Here are some Flocknote Groups that you might want to join.  Go to Flocknote.com and log in to check out these and other groups:

  • Faith Notes – a one-sentence inspirational quote or wisdom for the coming week sent about 6 p.m. on Sunday.
  • Prayer Corner – a weekly message reminding you to pray for the the people listed in the bulletin’s Prayer Corner.
  • Recently Deceased Ministry – a weekly message reminding you to pray for the recently deceased from the bulletin.
  • Holy Day Reminder – a reminder listing the Holy Day Mass schedule that comes out the morning of the Vigil for Holy Day.