is a platform of multimedia articles and videos about the Catholic Faith that puts faith learning “on demand” as described by the Augustine Institute, the program sponsors.  The FORMED site library contains a huge variety of Catholic devotional, inspirational, and instructional multimedia resources.  These have been made available to Saint Agnes Parishioners through our parish membership and all parishioners are encouraged to create an account to access this vast collection of Catholic materials available 24 x 7, at your fingertips, and on any Internet-connected device.  Thus, we agree that  is:

The Catholic Faith.  On Demand.

Here’s how to get started on FORMED:

Go to
Click on “sign-up.
Click on “Sign up as a parishioner.
Type in St. Agnes Catholic Church (with the period after ‘St’)
Click on our parish.
Provide your name and email address.

You’re all set and can begin browsing and searching for what you want to watch…On Demand!  God bless  you on this new path of your faith journey!