The Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary was started by Frank Duff in Dublin, Ireland on the Vigil of the Blessed Mother on September 7, 1921. The object of the Legion of Mary is the glory of God through the holiness of its members. We are lay Catholic men and women who serve our church and neighbor under the powerful leadership of Mary Immaculate, the Mother of God. In fulfilling this, we utilize both prayers and works, obeying Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor.” We are the largest lay apostolate in the world with over 3 million active members across the globe.

At St. Agnes, our actions are guided by our Spiritual Director, Monsignor Paul Fitzmaurice.  We have ten active members, and six auxiliary members. Our active members attend the meetings and actively do works. We meet on Wednesday mornings from 8:30-10am in the Brannon Room of the Old Convent. Our meetings consist of prayers, spiritual readings and reflections, reporting our works and discussions of future works. Our auxiliary members are those who cannot be active, but pray daily, especially the Rosary and specific Legion prayers. There are no dues, however, there is a weekly collection for those who are able. These funds are generally used in our works.

Our works include, but are not limited to, visiting the sick and dying, communion services at nursing facilities, leading and attending the various Rosary groups in our parish, being captains and anchors on Adoration Thursdays, managing the Pilgrim Virgin Statue, delivering welcome bags to new parishioners, and having a monthly Mass said/sending cards to the sick.

We would like to invite you to “come and see” during our time as the Ministry of the Month.  Join us on Welcoming Wednesdays, May 11th and May 25th, 2022 for prayer and brunch. Again, we meet in the Brannon Room of the Old Convent, 8:30am-10am. If you have any questions, we have a table in the narthex with information about our beautiful apostolate. There will be a Legion member at that table after Mass to answer questions. You can also contact Debbie Klinvex. Talk or text: 412-956-3105.