2024 Mass Intentions

Dear Friends:

At the heart of our faith, of course is the hope of eternal life to enter into and be in the very presence of God, what we call the kingdom of heaven, eternal life or the beatific vision. That vision isn’t so much staring at God without end as experiencing the fulfilment of all of our desires and faculties in a way that is dynamic, engaging, and unending – to be fully alive! This we call heaven which isn’t so much a place as a state of being. What gets in the way of realizing this noble vocation to which God calls us all is the reality of sin. If we’re honest, most of us aren’t entirely free of sin when we die, and we’re not ready to enter into the perfect.

Fortunately through God’s big-extended family (which we call the Communion of Saints), we have the opportunity to help each other along with a “spiritual gift exchange.” Thus, we the living on earth are able to offer prayers and sacrifices for the dead, which is also a spiritual work of mercy. Rooted in the Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition, the most perfect way to do this, the highest and most efficacious prayer is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: applying the merits of Christ’s redeeming Passion and Resurrection for the salvation of the world and for a particular individual soul. At each Mass, all of the faithful can and should bring their own private intentions for which to offer their spiritual participation and apply the merits of the sacrifice. The priest celebrant, acting in persona Christi capitas does this in a particular way, interceding that that the soul of the person may be cleansed of the stain of sin and their love perfected. This is what we speak about when we speak of ‘Mass intentions’ or Masses offered for a particular soul.

Many folks, in a praiseworthy manor, try to schedule Mass intentions around the anniversary, birthday, or wedding anniversary of a loved one. Thus, for us here below, those Masses also provide an opportunity and an occasion to gather together, to pray together, and perhaps to share memories, stories and to break bread in the Eucharist and perhaps share a meal afterwards.

All of this is by way of reminder and invitation to schedule Mass intentions for your intentions, living or deceased. In the document linked below, please find the updated Mass Intention Request Policy and 2024 Mass Intention Request Form for Saint Agnes Parish. The reservation of a date will be on a first-come, first-served basis, also bearing in mind that there are some dates throughout the liturgical calendar when personal intentions are not scheduled.

Fr. Dan

Download the 2024 Mass Book Request Policy and Form.