The practice of offering a Mass for a loved one has a long and rich tradition in our Catholic Church history. It is rooted in our teaching on Purgatory that even those who are heaven-bound will need a time of purification of the heart from any remaining selfishness and unconfessed venial sins. Praying for the dead means that in a meaningful and consoling way we can still love and support them on their journey to see our loving God face-to-face.

The size of the parish and the number of days in a year means we can only accept a limited number of Mass intentions. Our policy is designed to provide as many families as possible the opportunity to offer a Mass for their loved ones. We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

You may schedule two Masses per registered family – one may be for Sunday (including the 4:30 p.m. Saturday Anticipatory Mass) and the other for a Monday through Saturday morning Mass. We can accept additional Mass intentions but they will not be scheduled at this time. In accordance with diocesan policy, we will strive to fulfill them within the year.