After months of careful planning, St. Agnes is proud to announce our new Parish Life Center, a 10,000 square foot addition to our existing Resurrection Hall. The new social hall will be a low-energy, low-maintenance steel building with exterior appearance upgrades designed to complement the St. Agnes grounds. This new spacious facility will seat upwards of 340 guests, and will accommodate youth & adult faith formation, as well as other parish activities.

The project will break ground in March and includes the expansion & improvement of our kitchen and the installation of safe, modern, handicapped-accessible restrooms (with baby changing tables) and a family restroom.

Watch the bulletin for more exciting updates!

Parish Life Center Budget

Item Cost
Engineering, design, supervision, project management, permits & fees $157,300
Excavation & demolition $115,100
Foundation $98,700
Engineered Steel Building $518,400
Plumbing, HVAC, electric, & fire protection $346,500
Landscape, sidewalks, road repair $49,000
Sub-total $1,285,000
Contingency $215,000
Total $1,500,000

Funds to pay for this project will be coming out of our Parish reserves.

Outside Façade Design

As viewed from the church.

  • The outside of the building is designed to blend in with the existing parish
  • It will have a 36” high, split-faced block base.
  • It will have an 18” steel band running around the roof line to match the
    existing trim on our church.
  • The vertical walls, around the windows, will be stucco (as shown to the right).

Main Entrance

  • The main entrance will be facing our church.
  • It is designed to allow easy access from the church, and also from both of the existing parking lots.

340 Seat Banquet Hall

  • The hall will be 100’ long, by 60’ wide.
  • The building is designed to have an open span; no interior columns.
  • The hall can fit 33 round tables, each with 8 seats; seating for 264 guests.
  • When the hall is setup with 8’ X 30” rectangular tables, we will have seating for 340 guests

Kitchen Facilities

  • Our present Resurrection Hall kitchen is about 900 square feet.
  • After the new addition is erected and the restrooms are complete, we will expand our kitchen, adding 600 square feet.
  • We will also be adding a 300 square foot banquet style serving area.

Restroom Facilities

  • The new restroom facilities will be ADA Compliant (handicapped accessible).
  • The design increases the number of fixtures in each restroom.
  • We have added a family restroom.
  • There are baby changing tables.

Foundation Design – Dealing with Pyrite

  • We contracted with an engineering firm, GeoMechanics, Inc., to do test borings and prepare a report, along with their recommendations for a suitable foundation design, due to the existing soil conditions.
  • They recommended that we excavate the entire site, down about 5’, remove the soil and replace it with an appropriate fill. The excavated material will be spread along the wooded area below the rectory. Grass will be planted to cover the site.


To help us keep the project cost down, we are planning to do some of the interior & grounds finishing with parish volunteers.

If you are interested in sharing your time & talents, please sign up, and list those talents and your interests, if you wish.

Come join the “Hardly Able” Construction Company.
Men & Women of all ages welcome!