Our Lady’s Prayer Group


Our Lady’s Prayer Group is a group that is very devoted to the Blessed Mother. We strive to learn everything we can about her through scripture, books, articles and/or church programs. Each meeting we set up an altar of Mary and pray the rosary. We pray Mary’s request for the consecration of humanity along with anyone’s special intentions. We sometimes read scripture and discuss the meditation and are open to discussing questions anyone may have about our faith, the church, or anything that moves them. If you have seen the signs “Keep Calm and Pray On” we created them and take them on as our project to spread Mary’s request to pray the rosary for peace. We also hold a prayer service and rosary twice a month at Red Stone for a group of about 20 residents. There is no obligation or requirements for our group, only an opportunity to meet people, pray the rosary and learn about the Blessed Mother.

We meet every other Wednesday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at St Agnes’s Old Convent in the Fr Gianni Room

Please contact the office for more information.  Marti Ditoppa, 724-863-2626.