As part of our memorial to the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on our country, Saint Agnes celebrated a Blue Mass to honor all First Responders in our community on Saturday, September 11, 2021.   Here are a few words from our pastor, Rev. Msgr. V. Paul Fitzmaurice:

St. Agnes hosted a Blue Mass this past Saturday to honor our First Responders.  The word “Eucharist” derives from ancient Greek and means “Thanksgiving.”  Appropriately, the theme of the Mass was gratitude for our First Responders’ service and sacrifice and prayers for their protection.  We also remembered the First Responders who had died at 9/11 and since then.  The event was wonderful.  Before Mass began, three local boy scout troops (251, 284, and 291) provided the honor guard with 16 American flags.  Deacon Bob Stauffer (He was interning with us for about three years before his ordination) gave an excellent homily. As a retired State Trooper, Deacon Bob could talk the talk because he had walked the walk. For the Vehicle blessing after Mass, the Larimer Fire Department provided a fire truck and Circleville, a rescue squad truck.  I was quite happy with the response to this first Blue Mass at St. Agnes and look forward to increasing participation next year.

The text of Deacon Bob Stauffer’s homily is available here as well as a prayer invoked by Pope Benedict XVI on his visit to Ground Zero in 2008.