Calling all men!!! – That Man Is You!

We invite ALL men to take the next step in authentic male leadership, The Battle Over the Bride focuses on their role as husbands and future husbands, their deep desire for self-sacrificial love. Offering proven solutions and practical methods, it provides an incredibly clear pathway to overcoming the pressures men encounter in going to the end of love.

We will meet Saturday mornings beginning September 7, from 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. through November 30, in Resurrection Hall.


If you’re like most people, you have spent more time preparing for your career than you have for your marriage. Commit to your marriage today by joining other like-minded men who want to strengthen their marriage. We will meet Saturday mornings beginning September 7th from 8:30am to 10am in Resurrection Hall. We start with coffee and donuts, followed by a video presentation and a lively group discussion. Come check it out.

For questions or registering, call Ken Glick at 724 858-5598 or Ray Takacs at 724 864-3554.

The Battle Over the Bride – Fall Semester

Week 1 – Love is Sacrificial

Week 2 – The Battle over the Bride

Week 3 – Love is Desire

Week 4 – Love is a Free Gift

Week 5 – Love is Communion

Week 6 – Man In Communion

Week 7 – Woman in Communion

Week 8 – Two Become One

Week 9 – Love is Expansive

Week 10 – Love is Unconditional

Week 11 – Love is Sacrificial

Week 12 – Love is Eternal

Week 13 – Love is Possible

The Battle Over the Bride – Spring Semester

Week 14 – With Great Desire

Week 15 – A Greater Love

Week 16 – The Power of Love and Joy

Week 17 – The Journey to Nazareth

Week 18 – Step 1: Honor Your Wedding Vows

Week 19 – Step 2: Use Money for Others

Week 20 – Step 3: Give Some of Your Time to God

Week 21 – Set Your Mind on the Things Above

Week 22 – Step 5: Find God in Yourself

Week 23 – Step 6: Find God in Other People

Week 24 – Step 7: Practice Superabundant Mercy

Week 25 – The Descent to Nazareth

Week 26 – Apostles of a New Springtime


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