“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.” -John Paul II, 30-Nov-1986

TMIY is a program designed to help adult men strengthen their relationship with God, their spouse, and their family.  Each year’s presentation exists independent of the previous year.  This year we will begin our sixth year of TMIY at St. Agnes.

YEAR SIX THEME:     All Things New
LOCATION:                  Old Convent Building, St. Agnes Parish
WHEN:                          Starts Saturday September 10th, 2022; 8:30 am to 10 am
WHO:                             Men 18 years of age and older
Point of Contact:         Ken Glick 724-858-5598

Christ didn’t say: “I make new things.” He said: “I make all things new.” Revelation 21:5

Each meeting begins at 8:30 am and consists of the following segments:

  • 30 minutes of fellowship with food and beverage (consisting of  fresh fruit, doughnuts, coffee, soda, and water).
  • A 30-minute presentation addressing an aspect of this year’s theme. TMIY provides each weekly presentation.  Each presentation is from a well-known Catholic theologian and provides theological insight associated with each week’s topic.
  • A 30-minute, open discussion on the topic just presented.

Our time together ends at 10 am.  Although some of our discussions may extend beyond, you may leave at any time depending on your personal schedule.
The weekly TMIY presentations and follow-on discussions are designed to help men:

  • Deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Understand the essential role of the family in society and salvation history.
  • Increase their devotion to his spouse and children.
  • Heal personal wounds.
  • Mend broken relationships.

One of the greatest benefits of these discussions is the realization that others in the group often have the same questions and uncertainties as you might. Additionally, the insights and perspectives provided by others may also ease your uncertainties and provide new insight.

TMIY has allowed us to build a community of faith-based men at St Agnes who support one another in our faith development and family leadership.  It is our hope that an additional outgrowth of our TMIY experience is the stimulation of an evangelization outreach that will bring additional men back to the Church.

Each year of TMIY consists of a 13-week Fall and 13-week Spring semester.  It is not mandatory to attend every week, but we hope you will want to attend every week you are able.

How much does TMIY cost?  You decide. How have the speakers and discussion improved your relationship with God? Have the sessions help mold you into the Man God wants you to become on your personal journey? Have your family and friends noticed a positive difference in you?  The company that supplies the speakers, Paradisus Dei, will ask for a donation each semester.

The last two years we have had approximately 16 to 20 members, which includes five Core Team Leaders.

The profundity of the Scriptures presented each week sets the stage for a renewal of mind and heart – a new creation story, a new Adam, a new Eve, a new covenant and even a new kingdom! Encounter God the Father. Enlighten your mind with spiritual truths that will help transform you and the world.  Become a new creation in Christ and allow mercy to make you a transformative Catholic as you journey with other men.